The Charter School North Dulwich

An outstanding family school that inspires and delivers excellence for all.

Our Mission

We believe that all our young people have the potential to achieve highly in school and feel successful in life. We are committed to our pursuit of the highest standards possible in education and we are united in our determination that all students will excel.

Our values of excellence, responsibility, family and perseverance underpin everything that we do.

We ask everyone to work hard, be kind and do the right thing.

About our school

The school’s teachers and support staff are creative, skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, who work tirelessly to improve the outcomes for all students.

Like every family, there are rules and routines and we have high expectations for each child. Visitors often comment on what a happy, well behaved school it is. Pupils love it because they feel inspired, busy, helped and challenged – but above all, because they feel, and are made to feel, successful.  The school is also blessed with a highly active and supportive parent body and some wonderful friends in the business, education, technology and medical worlds who work with our young people as mentors, supporters and advisors.Finally, the goal at The Charter School North Dulwich is a simple one: to enable all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character so that they can be happy in life, and be successful in higher education or the inspiring career pathway of their choice.  Each child has different strengths and we help them to flourish and develop into a creative, confident and caring citizens who are happy in themselves, excited about learning and ambitious for success.