Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

​Strong character development is key to the education of pupils at DHJS. In their time at Dulwich Hamlet, children develop and grow into young people with a clear moral purpose, excellent communication skills, an understanding of their place in the world and an inclusive attitude.

Our Mission

Dulwich Hamlet has been at the heart of the local community since its foundation in 1897. More than a century later, and having educated many thousands of children from the surrounding area, our school has become integral to village life and a cornerstone of the community. We strive to maintain this special place in the future of Dulwich.

About our school

Now a popular and well oversubscribed junior school in the London Borough of Southwark, our reputation for educational excellence and as champions of outstanding learning through innovative, creative education is widely known. We are particularly proud of our musical tradition, with every child taught to compose, perform, listen to, appraise and appreciate music. We have developed and nurtured many young musical talents and provide many opportunities for pupils to perform and demonstrate their musicality.

Our highly enriched, 'glittering' curriculum is based on strong artistic approaches to curriculum design, robust subject knowledge and an exceptional commitment to ensuring that each and every child's needs are met.