The Charter School East Dulwich

We are an inclusive, dynamic and academically rigorous secondary school serving the vibrant communities of East Dulwich and South Camberwell.

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate our diverse community, educate our students to thrive and confidently shape their futures with a love of learning, excellent qualifications and strength of character.

Our values of effort, care, curiosity and integrity underpin everything that we do.

We ask everyone to work hard, be kind and do the right thing.

About our school

The school curriculum is built around the powerful knowledge found not only in academic subjects but also in the creative and expressive arts.

All students study at least to GCSE level. The school curriculum builds methodically on the foundations laid in primary school. It is coherently sequenced to provide all students with the opportunity to progress to the next stage of their education, be it academic, professional or vocational.The curriculum is made ‘desirably difficult’ for all students. Every individual receives the right combination of support and challenge to achieve their personal best, irrespective of background or personal circumstance. The school makes generous provision for a range of enrichment activities through which students further develop the individual interests and aptitudes that allow them to flourish.  The curriculum explicitly encourages students to have confidence in themselves, care for each other and their environment, be curious about the world and have the courage and creativity to change it for the better.